Wild Meat Processing Price List


Bear Skin & Cape $100

Hang Only $0.48/Lb   Minimum $100/Animal

Wild Game

Hang, Cut, Wrapped & Frozen  $0.99/Lb

Double Wrapped  $0.69/Lb Extra

Disposal  $0.10/Lb  

All Wild Cut & Wrap 

Caping $40.00 Plus Skin Cost


Moose & Elk $60/Animal

Deer $40

To Gut Animal $60.00

To Skin And Gut   Skin Cost Plus $50


Cut & Wrap $1.99/lb
Fillets Vac    $2.49/lb

Cleaning Charges Will Be Added If Required

All Wild Game Hung a minium 4 Days unless specified

Grinding & Wrapping  $0.99/Lb

Grind Only  $0.99/Lb

Beef Fat Added  $1.99/Lb

Tenderizing (Minute Steak)

Moose/Elk  $15/Side

Deer  $10.00/Side

Lunch Meat

Slice $1.99/Lb 

Vac $0.79/Lb



$15/Lb Finished Product




Price Includes Added Pork Trim

Minimum 30 lbs 
Fresh Fry - Small Casing 50/lb Minimum  $3.99/Lb

Farmers, Fresh Fry, Hot Italian, Mild Italian $2.99/Lb

Pepperoni Sticks  $3.99/Lb

Jerky Sticks  $3.99/Lb

Minimum 30 Lbs

Jalapeno Cheese Smokie $3.99/ Lb

Garlic Sausage, Bologna, Summer Sausage

Salami, Smokies, Wieners, Large Pepperoni  $2.99/Lb

Cheese Smokies, Cheese Wieners, Cheese Garlic  $3.99/Lb

Hand Link Garlic, Jalapeno Smokies $3.99/Lb

Bacon Mozza Smokies $3.99/Lb

Large Wieners $2.99/Lb

Large Cheese Wieners $3.99/Lb

Minimum 50 Lbs 

Honey Garlic Sticks $3.99/Lb

Patties $1.99/Lb

After Hours Unloading Charge $50


Sunday Pick Up Available